EPFL coaching


This site is a video on demand manager for epfl. The idea was to allow coaching companies to bring their skills to the epfl collaborators by creating videos and resource sharing in one place. Viewing these resources is anonymous and secure. In order to ensure the viability of this project, we had to plan a [...]

Formule Jeunes


This site is a showcase site for episcopal vicariate (Catholic Church, Fribourg). It's a site made entirely on wordpress. For this site, the template (i.e. the design) has been completely created by our company so that the site fits best with the customer's expectations. The purpose of this site is to present the missions and [...]

Autres projets


In addition to the 3 projects presented before, we have several other projects under development or completed. The projects under development will be posted on the website soon. Here is a small overview of the projects in progress that are not client mandates: Mobile application for interactive music playlist gestion Web application for document / [...]